Homeschooling: Our First Day

The day was off to a poor start when D2 was up a good chunk of the night. I cannot remember the last time I’ve had to get up at night with that child, so it was a rough night for both of us. Our first day of school started with a grumpy teacher and D2.

We set up our school room/office in the upstairs bonus room. We headed up at about 9am to get started. D2 was content for a while playing in her little play area…

D1 was really excited to start. I was too…until I didn’t sleep the night before:)

We started off with a little numbers. We did lesson one from the Math-U-See Primer. It was basically counting from 0-9 and playing with blocks (counting them as well). She loved the math!

By this time, D2 was getting a little curious as to what we were up to. She made her way over…

I let her play with some little plastic bears and within seconds, there were 50 little plastic bears covering the floor:)

After math, we moved on to All About Reading Level Pre-1. We were on lesson three which was on capital C. We read a little and played some games that were suggested in the book. By then, D2 had found the box of dot markers. They both love those things, so we dotted the letter C.

We made it through two subjects in about 45 minutes. D2 got a little uncontrollable, so I had to expel her from homeschool for a little while (she went downstairs to play with Daddy). Kicked out of school on the first day:) I blamed it on the lack of sleep.

D1 and I went back upstairs during D2’s naptime and did chapter 1 from Story of the World. I read the story to her, and did a little map work and coloring.

Overall, it was a good first day. D1 did great! She liked all of her curriculum and did a great job of staying on task. The chapter in SOTW was a little long for her, so I will try some different things to make it more enjoyable.

D2 slept fine last night (praise the Lord!), so this morning was a hundred times better! She was content to play with her toys the whole time we were upstairs (about an hour). Tomorrow is our first meeting for our Classical Conversations community. We are so excited about this year!



  1. After we get moved, maybe “D2” can come hang with Kinley every now and then and let mom and “D1” focus on school!


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