Our School Room

We have a bonus room upstairs that was formerly used as a hang out for Matt and me and an office for Matt. Soon after we made the decision to homeschool, school clutter began to fill our dining room. We decided to convert the room upstairs into something that would fit our needs a little better. The room isn’t very big, but there is plenty of room for us.

Most of the furniture is stuff that we already had at Matt’s office. We purchased two Expedit bookshelves from Ikea, and some chairs for our table.

This little window alcove is a play area for D2. Right now, there are about 25 babies up there as well. She lets them “nap” on the pillows:)

We have two of these shelves. The other one is for Matt’s stuff, this one is for school stuff. Since this is our first year, we don’t have that much stuff, but I am so glad that we have room to grow! Matt’s computer is on top, and the TV acts as a second monitor so we could watch Netflix on a break.

This is the main space that I use. I usually sit in this chair. I have my teacher books, computer, file container and lesson plans within reach. I also have a covered baked bean can to hold dry erase markers and eraser. D1’s workboxes are to the left. She has loved this so far! She is a planner by nature, so having her work in order really makes her happy.

We have all of our CC memory work for the week on one board. We will take that one back and forth to CC with us (since I am a tutor). Matt hung the wire thing from Ikea about the window for our timeline cards (this is all CC talk…).

On the other side of the window, there is another shelf and two more dry erase boards. This shelf is mainly storage for art/school/office supplies.

This is our business center:) We have a laser printer, laminator, art caddy, stationary, and lots of other stuff in those little cups (stickers, magnets, tin whistles, etc.).

Like any good school room, there’s a calendar:) We don’t do that much with it yet, but I felt like the room wouldn’t be complete without one. Now I just need a globe!

This is the other side of the room. We have a baby gate at the top so there are no casualties during school. That’s the second bookshelf that we got from Ikea. There’s a walk-in attic behind the door.

There you have it! Our school room. It has served us well so far!



  1. Looks awesome but am I the only one who prefers chalkboards?


  1. […] the beginning of the school year, we fixed up our upstairs room to use as a school room/office. I was really happy with the way it turned out, and pumped to start […]

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