Little Sunflowers

Delaney and I have been reading this book for the past few weeks and she loves it, so Matt took the girls to see real sunflowers Saturday morning.

Isn’t that the cutest picture?!

They loved the sunflowers, and they also got to go to the farmers market and flea market while they were there. They came home with some peaches and Japanese eggplant (???).

The weather here was gorgeous over the weekend! We were able to spend a lot of time outside which was nice. Lots of walks…

Yes, Matt “pushes” D2 like that a good chunk of the time. She likes to watch D1 ride:) I can’t get over how big D1 gets when she is on a bike! We got to have friend over yesterday, and then after that we invited some neighbors over for a while. It was such a fun day!

Also, after much consideration, Matt and I have started our own Advocare business! We are really excited to get our stuff in so we can start our 24 day challenge. I think it will work well with my personal training clients, and our lifestyle in general. If anyone has never heard of AdvoCare, please let me know and I would be happy to tell you more!! More to come on that…

This morning kicked off our second week of homeschooling. Maybe the first day of the week is always a little rough, because everyone just seems a little more irritable on Monday morning:) Overall, it went well and we are really enjoying all of our curriculum choices. We also started learning our CC week 2 stuff, which is D1’s favorite part. How has your Monday gone so far?


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