Things homeschooled kids say…

A friend and I were talking about this the other day. Because we teach our kids at home, there is no segregation between what they “learn at school” and everything that they play with at home. I was not educated this way (It’s okay mom! I loved school!), so I am still trying to train myself to bring our education into every part of our lives…looking for those teachable moments along the way, because it’s our conviction that God created us for community, not compartmentalized living (disclaimer: I think you can still totally have education at home and send your kids to school, it just might be a little trickier because you aren’t there learning with them.)

Anyway…because we are based at home, play time has started to look a little different in our house. Example: we study history chronologically, so last week we were talking/singing/playing games about the Fertile Crescent. Here are some of the things I heard…

“That moon [while reading Goodnight Moon] is shaped just like the Fertile Crescent.”

“Can we build a Shofar in our back yard for our garden?” (A shofar is an ancient irrigation tool.)

And my favorite happened while we were riding bikes yesterday…

D1: Can we take a pretend trip to the Tower of Babel in ancient Mesopotamia?

Me: Huh?

D1: Remember? It’s next to the Euphrates River.

Me: Or we could just play princesses?

D1: The princess could be stuck in the Tower of Babel.

She even pronounced everything correctly! We are two weeks in, and I’m pretty sure this is the new normal for us:)


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