Plans this week…

Good morning! I just love Mondays. A new week! Matt and I started our 24 day challenge today! I’m really excited about getting all of the yucky toxins out of my body, and pouring in the good stuff for the next 24 days. Should be fun:) I even took some before pictures and measurements…that you will never ever see. Here’s what else is on the agenda for the week…

Tuesday– 3 mile run in the AM, then taking the girls to try out some classes at The Little Gym. Also to do on Tuesday: schoolwork, laundry, bank and pay the bills:) For dinner we are having chicken that will cook all day long in the crock pot with some herbs (whole chicken that I’ll debone and use for other meals this week) with quinoa, squash and zucchini.

Wednesday: Early morning strength training at the gym, then home for schoolwork. At lunch, I get to tell some lovely ladies about the glorious world of exercise, supplements and being healthy. I also need to get the towels washed before we go to friends’ house for dinner!

Thursday: Classical Conversations in the AM! Home to crash and make chicken noodle soup using the leftover chicken from Monday (with rice/veggie noodles, veggie broth, carrots, bay leaves and other spices).

Friday: 3 mile run in the AM, followed by schoolwork with the kiddos. I have a lunch meeting for a personal training consultation, and then we will get ready to leave for a little Labor Day getaway:)

Weekend: Rest. Get in one 3 mile run.

Here are some goals for the week:

-Finish Don’t Make Me Count to Three (parenting book) and Ignite the Fire (personal training book). Book reviews coming soon!

-Complete all three runs, and one strength training session this week.

– Successfully complete first week of challenge (cleanse phase) by taking all the supplements and sticking to the diet.

– Finish all the lessons I planned for three days of homeschooling this week.

That’s my week! What do you have going on this week? Are you looking forward to it?


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