Adventure to The Little Gym

D1 took a small dance class last year and really enjoyed it! I was less than thrilled with the teacher (super unorganized and “forgot” about the recital), so we decided to look for other options this year. Today, we tried out a dance class at The Little Gym. Since the first class is free, we went early and tried out a Mommy and Me class for D2 as well. D2’s class was first. She was one of about 15 toddlers, but she held her own and had a lot of fun! Because of their age, there isn’t a lot of structured play, but all the kids had fun exploring all of the equipment. It was a little chaotic for me because the class was so large, but overall it was a fun experience. For the price, we decided to wait until she is older and can take a class with a little more structure.

D1 got to watch D2’s class and was ready to go when it was her turn. She had a great time and her teacher said she listened, obeyed and was respectful! Woohoo! I got to watch the last half of her class (the first half is in the dance room) and she looked like she was having a great time. While they were in the dance room, the younger siblings were allowed to play in the gym, so that was nice! The teachers made both of the girls feel so comfortable, which is nothing less than a miracle when it comes to D1. Overall, we had a great time at The Little Gym!


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