A Day in the Life…

I always enjoy reading these, so I thought I would do one for our family. Here is what we did yesterday…

6:00am- run with Traci.

7:00am- Devotion and early morning reading time with Matt. Also drank a protein shake for breakfast and ate a peach.

7:30am- Girls got up. We all piled on the couch and played for a little bit.

8:00am- Darcy helps me unload the dishwasher and we eat breakfast, read the Bible and review our memorized scripture.

8:30am- Shower, get dressed, make up beds, sort and start laundry.

9:00am- head upstairs for school. We watched a lesson from Math-U-See (lesson 5 on rectangles) and did a few sheets on rectangles. We picked out all the rectangles in the house. We did one lesson in All About Reading level Pre-1 (capital G), colored, practiced writing Gs. I read to them while they colored and played (they halfway listened so it was a success!). Then we reviewed all of our new CC stuff (sang songs, looked at cards and learned new motions). School was done in about an hour!

10:15am- Head to the Little Gym to test it out. Here’s how it went.

1:00pm- Ate lunch at my mom’s house (she lives close to the Little Gym).

2:00pm- Both girls have rest time in their rooms. Darcy sleeps, Delaney does whatever she wants as long as she is quiet and in her room. I read, worked on some PT stuff, emailed the parents in my tutoring class, paid some bills and set up some Advocare appointments (I’m on day three of my 24 day challenge and am already down 3 lbs.!!).

4:30pm- I finally woke Darcy up. Matt took them outside so I could start dinner.

6:00pm- Sat down to eat together. We had lemon chicken, quinoa and corn on the cob. It was a 75% success (D1 is a tough one to please).

6:30pm- Watched Wheel of Fortune…like we do every night (totally counts as spelling when you’re a homeschooling family).

7:00pm- started bath/bed routine.

7:30pm- Girls in the bed, parents crash on the couch! I finished some laundry (that I started at 9:00am!) and we watched the pilot of The Mindy Project. We snacked on hummus and almond chips and talked.

9:30pm- Fall asleep on the couch.

10:00pm- Wake up, start the dishwasher, go to bed!

That’s a typical day for us!


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