Hello little blog…I’ve missed you

I’ve been so wishy washy with writing. I go through phases where I do a great job of keeping everything updated, not leaving out any thought or detail of our life.

And then I get behind.

I let the ideas pile up. I forget all the details. I compare myself to other bloggers. Real bloggers. And then I think about how narcissistic blogging can really be. I mean, why would anyone on earth really want to read what I have to say?

I really love keeping up with a few great blogs. Most of them are moms, and most find themselves in the same season of life that I find myself. At home (mostly). With little ones. Fighting drudgery. On a never-ending quest for joy in the midst of exhaustion. Living by grace alone one day at a time.

The blogs I read vary from moms that just tell about the day-to-day events of their lives, to moms that write about homeschooling, to moms that happen to be personal trainers (as I am). And then there are a few wild hairs (like the blog that I love that mostly just does hair tutorials).

So where do I fit in all of that?

Do I blog to create a name for myself? Do I really want a piece of the blog pie to call my own?

No, I don’t think so. If I take back up this thing called blogging, I want it to be for me. Writing is good for my soul. I love getting everything out of me and onto print. It’s final and cathartic.


So here I am. Back again. I don’t know how frequently, or really what I will be writing about, but I know that I want to write. So if you would like to tag along, expect talk of books (I have so many reviews I need to write!), homeschooling, personal training, cooking and random musings on life in general.


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