Happy Birthday, Christmas Baby

Today is my baby girl’s second birthday.

Two years ago today, at 4:20pm, a beautiful 7 lb. 12 oz. baby girl entered this world.

She has been such a joy and blessing these past two years. We cannot imagine our little family without her being a part of it.

We celebrate last weekend. I made the cake (a Pinterest find) and my parents hosted and helped with the food. It was a wonderful time of celebrating this sweet gift. As her daddy prayed and thanked the Lord for the blessing of Darcy, he and the rest of us choked back the tears thinking about all the babies that were lost the day before.

I do not know why He saw fit to give my child another birthday, and not theirs.

But He is good, and we will praise Him for this sweet baby that I cannot call a baby anymore.

She speaks in complete sentences, usually in correct grammar. I hope she loves language like her daddy and I do.

She still uses a pacifier…and I don’t mind. It still makes her look like a baby and that’s okay with me.

She no longer uses a high chair, but has a seat at the table with the rest of us. A table we are outgrowing with blessings.

She still sleeps in a crib…and I don’t mind that either. She piles her bed full of babies to take care of, complete with bottles, blankets and pacifiers. I pray that one day she will be a mommy to real babies.

She repeats everything her sister say, copies everything her sister does.  I pray they will always be thisclose, and that her sister will always be someone she wants to copy.

She is loud, talkative, loves people and Yo Gabba Gabba. Loves to visit Mimi and Pop, Grandmama and Grandaddy. Loves to sing on the guitar with Aunt Amy. Loves to play with Aunt Ashley’s puppies. Loves each and every one of her cousins…and her best friend Kinley.

And we love her. So very much.

Thank you Lord, for this precious gift. May we have many more birthdays with her.

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