Behind the Doors

See those closed doors?



Know what that means?

Rest time. 

The sweetest two hours of this mommy’s day.

Not because I don’t enjoy having my kids with me all the time, but because I do.

Because I want them to be with me, I need to recharge in the middle of everyday. How do I recharge?



Well…after I take care of whatever house stuff that needs to be taken care of, you can find me right here. I get a cup of coffee, my computer, Kindle and planner and do whatever I want to do. This usually includes checking in on my training clients (i.e. checking their food logs, writing workouts, annoying them via text…), catching up on blogs, and then I read (currently Sacred Marriage and Desperate…which hasn’t even been released yet!).

On particularly exhausting days, I set an alarm for 20 minutes and take a nap (anything more than that and I feel like death).

What do the girls do during rest time?

Well, this has taken some time and training, but they both are really good at it by now. The youngest still naps, so I just rock and sing for a few minutes and then put her to bed. She’s usually asleep within a few minutes. The oldest hasn’t napped since the youngest came home from the hospital…two years ago. She is allowed to watch two short episodes of her choice (within our approval) on the iPad (Netflix), and then she plays quietly in her room. I come and get her when it’s over. I also give her a snack.

A few days ago, I found this on my nightstand after rest time (she covered up a poem that Matt wrote for me a framed…little stinker)…

A D1 Original

A D1 Original

It took a while to teach her to stay in her room, but now she asks for rest time everyday. We all need that time alone to rest and gear up for the second half of the day. We all look forward to it.

So moms, how do you make it through the long days? Any tips or tricks you could share?




  1. […] Eve morning spent at home relaxing. We did a little craft, and the girls went down for an early rest time.  We met up with my family at our favorite Chinese restaurant for an early dinner. D1 was the […]

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