January Reading

Last week, I sat in front of my bookshelf (both physically and digitally) and made a list of all the books that I own but haven’t read. It was quite lengthy! I went ahead and planned out my literary year in the form of a written calendar. I thought I would share what I will be reading in January. Would love for you to join me!

Also, I just finished a fabulous new book, Desperate by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae. It will be released soon, so go ahead and pre-order it. I was blessed with a copy to review, so I’ll have my review up as soon as it’s released.

I tried to mix up my genres and topics as much as I could. I tend to read a lot of non-fiction, so I tried to throw in a good bit of fiction for the year. With the non-fiction, I tend to read books that pertain to my season of life (homeschooling, marriage and parenting books abound). I also have a few books to help in the personal training aspect as well (Bob Harper’s newest book is great!!). Here’s what’s on the agenda for January…



  1. […] here’s what I’ll be reading this month. I finished up most of my books on my list in January (I’m finishing 7, so it got carried forward to this month) and have just started on these. […]

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