iPad Mini Review

I got an iPad Mini for Christmas from my parents. My dad gave me his old iPad earlier this year, and I really liked it! I used it a lot for web surfing, reading via the Kindle app, watching videos on Netflix or Hulu, email checking, and homeschooling. As Delaney learned to use it, she started using it a lot more than me. We use the Classical Conversations app a lot, as well as several other educational/fun apps. She is also allowed to watch two shows on Netflix at rest time, so I let her watch those on the iPad in her room. Since, I got the Mini for Christmas, Matt took my old iPad, and Delaney inherited her very own first generation iPad (Matt’s old one). IMG_3361 IMG_3360

Anyway, back to the Mini. It’s a good bit smaller than the iPad. I had a Kindle Fire (sold it when I got my iPad) and it is slightly bigger than that, but thinner. I love the size. The screen is still big enough to watch videos (we don’t have cable, so watch TV via Netflix or Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime Video…all of which are streamed on mobile devices as well as our Wii), but it is small enough to fit comfortably in my purse. The size is also way better for reading. The regular iPad was a little large to read on. The Mini feels more like the size of an actual book, and I like that. I have the 32G size with AT&T service. I have yet to buy any data since I always have wifi available.

Here’s my most used iPad apps:

  • Social: Facebook, Instagram and WordPress
  • My Fitness Pal
  • All Recipes
  • Plan to Eat
  • The Weather Channel
  • Entertainment: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video
  • Kindle

If you’re in the market to buy a tablet or e-reader, I would recommend this one!



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