The School Room Redo

At the beginning of the school year, we fixed up our upstairs room to use as a school room/office. I was really happy with the way it turned out, and pumped to start school.

We used the room for approximately two weeks before I wanted to pull my hair out.

We ended up taking a little crate full of our stuff we would need for the week down to the dining room and doing school there for the rest of the semester. It worked well for us, but I really wanted to get back upstairs. Matt and I just don’t like the school clutter in the dining room.

We made the mistake of not having any floor space for school the first time. This meant that Delaney lad to sit at the table (which she didn’t really like), and Darcy was constantly climbing on the table…which I didn’t like. We needed more room for us to spread out, and we needed it to be more two-year-old friendly.

Matt and I reorganized everything last week. My dad helped me move around the furniture, and I really like the way it turned out! The girls have also liked going up there to play, so I am hopeful that this set up will serve us better. IMG_3377

We moved the table from the middle of the room to a wall. It’s more of a desk now. Matt uses it and I will use it as well. If we need to spread out for a project for school, we will go downstairs. IMG_3375

We moved the bookshelf to the opposite wall. This shelf has all of my school stuff. It’s not nearly full, so I like that we have plenty of room to grow. The craft cart I originally got to use as workboxes. Honestly, I’m not really sure how I’m going to use it now. I’m not really sure workboxes work for us (the BEAUTY of homeschool…if it doesn’t work, change it!). We also got a new color printer for Christmas. I’ve been really happy with our big laser printer, but I missed having the option to print something in color. IMG_3374

This part of the room pretty much stayed the same. The bookshelf on the left is my stuff (teacher manuals, CC file box, books, etc.). The shelf on the right is craft/office supplies. The trunk under the window is filled with toys for Darcy. IMG_3372

I put the art desk that was in Delaney’s room into the window nook for Darcy. I think she will like coloring over here. IMG_3371

The area over by the attic is all Matt’s. He has a shelf for his books, guitars are in the corner, and his road bike is still waiting for a permanent home. IMG_3376

This is Delaney’s desk. My grandmother gave it to her and she loves it. She would much rather sit here and do schoolwork (or on the floor) than at the big table…and that’s fine with me!

So that’s the room for this semester. We kick of school tomorrow. Last night, Delaney had a meltdown and was screaming, “I don’t want to do school never forever!” Great. We sat in the floor of the kitchen and cried and prayed. This morning she said she felt better about it.

I’m thankful we get to do this, that I get to be with them everyday and see them while they are learning. Last night, we had some friends over and Delaney and Darcy were saying “pumpernickel” (they think it’s a funny word). Someone asked Delaney what it meant and she said, “I don’t know but it has part of the word “pickle” in it!” Yes, sweet girl, it does. She learned that from me:)



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