It looks like sickness has finally fallen on the Moore’s. I was so happy that none of us had been sick this year, because last year I felt like we were sick from November-March. Over the weekend, Matt came down with something…congestion, coughing, aches, etc. Everyone has had their flu shot, except for me (I know, I know…). I knew it was just a matter of time before it spread to the rest of us. Monday, I started feeling bad. Yesterday, I felt barely above functioning level, and today I am sitting in my doctor’s waiting room…along with half of the population of this city. Since I had pneumonia in 2008, it basically takes a day of sniffles for it to turn to bronchitis. So I am sitting here praying that they will give me a magical shot or drug that will heal me in a matter of hours, and that my babies don’t get it. I’m pretty sure that they were both coughing this morning though:(

We had such a fun week planned. We started our spring school semester yesterday (which went really well even though I felt like death…they loved the new school room!). I also took Darcy for her two year check up yesterday (healthy and in the 75% in size…and finished with vaccines until age 5!). Today, we were supposed to go ice skating, but. I just couldn’t feeling like this. My sweet mother in law took the girls this morning so I could rest and go to the doctor. Tomorrow is our first day back at CC…where I tutor. This is the main reason I’m praying for miraculous healing! Delaney has been really looking forward to going back. She has her presentation all prepared and she’s learned most of the week 13 stuff. We would appreciate your prayers friends!



  1. […] We went upstairs to the school room and knocked out some school work (I was actually able to function on Friday). The girls really like the room, and it is working so much better for us. I’m sure […]

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