Homeschool Goals for this Semester

I started out with big dreams.

I had the year all planned out. We would try to get in a phonics lesson, math lesson and read from history books everyday. If we had time, we might even tackle some science experiments.

Then we started school. And I realized my child was only four and didn’t need all of these plans.

So I regrouped over the holidays and put together our goals for this semester. Age appropriate, realistic goals:

  • Finish All About Reading level Pre-1 in the letter of the week format. Instead of going lesson by lesson, we are combining three lessons in one (Capital, Lowercase and Sound) and going with the Letter of the Week theme. I use this to supplement.
  • Read at least an hour a day- This is broken up into three different 20 minute chunks at breakfast, lunch and rest time. I would like to gradually increase it to two hours by adding on mid-morning and bedtime reading. I might try audio books again as they are older now. They weren’t a huge success in August.
  • At least 15 minutes outside everyday- If it’s cold, 15 minutes will be plenty of time, but if the weather is nice, it will be much longer. We all feel better when we get some time outside.
  • Continue with Classical Conversations- review our memory work weekly using the CDs and app on the iPad.

Those are the goals! Pretty simple right?



  1. Good job simplifying! You’re right – at age 4 ‘school’ should be fun and flexible – it’s great to have goals and be intentional about presenting learning opportunities through play and storytime, etc. We’re doing letter of the week too – my kids (and I!) look forward to a new theme each week 🙂

    • Thanks so much! How old are your kids?

      • My son is 31/2 yrs old and my daughter just turned 5. The letter of the week is mostly for my son, as my daughter is already reading, but the crafts and activities are fun for both of them. My daughter’s ‘curriculum’ has a memory verse for A-Z and we also have a book of Bibleless People Groups for A-Z, so it ties in nicely with the whole alphabet theme we have going. You can get a glimpse of what we’re doing on my site if you like 🙂

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