How We CC at Home

My daughter is four and this is our first year at Classical Conversations (if you have no idea what I am talking about, go here for a great explanation).  I first heard about CC through some friends about a year ago. They were currently enrolled and really benefitting for the program. I took a few months to do research, attend a homeschool convention (yes…it’s every bit as nerdy as it sounds) and visited different communities to see which was the best fit for us. By the summer, we were sold on home-based education in general, and the classical model in particular (visit the Recommended Reading tab for my favorite homeschool books).

I attended the CC Practicum (kinda like a CC bootcamp with varying themes from year to year) over the summer, bought everything I needed to get started, and even agreed to be a tutor. We were ready to go and I was so excited!

The first twelve weeks were honestly very bittersweet. Tutoring brought unexpected challenges that were difficult to handle, and Delaney had a hard time adjusting to me as a tutor AND her mom. Aside from those issues, we have LOVED CC. The program is so fun, easy to follow and helpful in general. I’ve met some great friends and it has been so nice to see them every Thursday morning. We definitely plan on continuing with CC for years to come!

So here is what we do with CC at home. My kid is one of the youngest, so we don’t do a lot, but we do try to keep up every week. Since I am a tutor, we are a week ahead at home. That helps me feel prepared for class when we have been reviewing and learning this material all week at home. So the day that we get together in our community is the last day of our CC week, whereas for most families that day is likely the first day of their new week. Make sense?

So each week, I write or print our our new grammar and post it in our school room. Delaney can’t read yet, but I read them to  her and she follows along. I also post our timeline cards for the week as well. After we drill the new stuff a few times, I play the weekly CD while they are coloring or doing something else, just so they can hear it even more. The next day, instead of drilling like we did the first day, we might do some coloring sheets that correspond with the info (CC Connected, this blog, and Pinterest are loaded with resources). Again, I play the weekly CD in the background. On other days, we use the iPad app for CC Cycle 1. I LOVE this app. Delaney can do it independently which is nice. We also listen to the Timeline song in the car or while we’re eating. They also like to “perform” the Timeline song in princess dresses and crowns for guests that come over:)

So that’s what we do. I also try to find some books that I can read to them that have something to do with our material that week. Here are some things I want to work on as we get older and better at this whole homeschool thing…

  • Draw/trace maps for geography
  • Use the timeline cards more so they can relate the picture to the event…we only sing and do the occasional hand movement (the ones we can remember)
  • Add on more history reading (we own Story of the World Volume 1 and tried to correspond the readings with the history CC stuff and it drove me bananas, so next year…or maybe the next…we’ll reevaluate that)
  • Talk Leigh into banishing the Tin Whistle (can I get an AMEN?!)…I kid (sorta)…my class did surprisingly well with the dreaded whistle!

How do you CC at home?


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