February Reading List

Hey friends. If you are looking for some reading, here’s what I’ll be reading this month. I finished up most of my books on my list in January (I’m finishing 7, so it got carried forward to this month) and have just started on these. Let me know if you are reading any of these, or have read them. I’ll try to get a review of them written after I read them. I also wanted to share a blog that I follow that offers lots of good, reliable book reviews… Challies.com. It’s a really popular blog, and you may already follow it. If you are ever looking for good reading, or want to check out a review of a book you’re interested in, check out his blog. Chances are, he’s already read it and written about it. Anyway….here’s my list!

I haven’t read any of these, so I’m not endorsing them yet. Anyone read these?



  1. Loved Note To Self. I read it as a Devo when Ava was a newborn- perfect kind of reading for a new, weary mom.

    • I was thinking you had read it! It’s been sitting on my Kindle for a while now so I figure it needs to be read. Looking forward to it!

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